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Each of the company employees has a profile page showing his or her business and personal information.

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  • Adding users profile pictures is very important. Photo let`s you see the people with whom you will be traveling and is necessary for you to identify the right people at the point where you begin shared ride. According to our statistics of people who have profile image, other users contacted 3 times more often!
  • We encourage users to write a age because people often choose people of similar age range
  • We encourage users to write a few words about yourself and thus to make himself known to potential travel companions.


inOneCar is a social network that promotes building a career and business. Go ahed to let other users know what you are doing.


This information allows us to find the a well suited match for you—we look at who else lives around you or on your route to work and their commute schedule—to find the most efficient person (or people) for you to carpool with.

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