What is the inOneCar Balance?

The InOneCar Balance shows how much you’ve accumulated for future trips. It’s where you’ll see any money that you’ve earned as a Driver, as well as any promotional money that have been added to your balance. Changes to your InOnecar Balance are reflected on the payments screen within 2 hours of your […]

When does the driver receive payment for the ride?

The system automatically charges finished rides, transferring money between driver’s and passenger’s wallets. A necessary condition to make it happen are accepted reservations confirmed before a shared-ride. Example: A passenger asked to book a seat in driver’s car. The driver accepted the reservation request. The driver and passenger carpooled together. […]

How often do I have to use inOnecar?

You can use inOneCar as often as you need. Your added rides to/from work are remembered by our serviceand stored for every day of the week, which you selected while filling out the form of adding rides. You really do not need to add your ride every time before leaving […]