Is the payment secure?

Payments are secure!

Payments to the inOneCar account are made using the Tpay system. Tpay is a well-known and reputable online payment system that uses advanced security technologies, such as data encryption and two-step authorization, to ensure transaction security. Their platform also provides fraud protection and customer support in case of any transaction issues. However, it is always important to be careful when making online payments and make sure you are using a secure internet connection and always check the trustworthiness of the website you are transacting with.

The data transmitted to our bank is fully encrypted with TLS encryption, used and recognized by all, and this information is not stored on our servers. Therefore, at no time, do we have access to your bank account details, and in the unlikely event of a hacking our site, this information could not be recovered. There are a couple icons to help remind you that you are on the payment page, and that there is no risk to make a payment on our site:

·        A small padlock in the browser frame

·        A secure URL prefix (https://)

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