How to use inOneCar and what happens after reservation?

Using inOneCar is really easy! Users can plan their rides a week in advance and we will automatically send them some suggestions of ridesharers fitting ride’s route and time. Planning in advance is recommended because it allows us to match better the users with their travelling needs.

Users add their daily rides only once. They also determine whether they want to sit behind the wheel, be passengers or can do both. Then they specify the working days and hours when they start and finish their work. Just few easy steps & that’ all!

The service will automatically send them the suggestions of ridesharers for the incoming week. Each ride can be edited (you can change the departure time or the decision about being a driver / passenger) depending on your needs.


What can you expect from your first ride:


  • Our algorithm will send you a suggestion of ridesharers ging your way.
  • Send a reservation request for the selected person and wait for its acceptance.
  • After accepting the reservation will be able to watch the driver on the way to your place (if you use mobile app).
  • Just pay for your ride. 

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