How to make a reservation?

Both driver and passenger can send a reservation request to another user. Choose from the list of suggested ridesharers the person you would like to ride with and send him or her a reservation request. Click “Go to reservation” to make sure about the rides’s details and eventually send a reservation request by clicking “Reservation”. 

Your request for a reservation will be sent to the user. From this time the user has time to respond to approximately 5 minutes before the departure. The user can accept or reject your reservation request. If he or she does not make it within a given time the reservation will be automatically cancelled and you will not ride together.

Accepted reservation request commits both the passenger and the driver to ride go together.

Rejected reservation request means that the shared ride will not take place.

Your reservation notification status will be sent as an e-mail to your mailbox, as well as the SMS on the phone.

All reservations are in “Your rides” section.

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