I don’t receive notifications by e-mail

Our e-mail may not reach you mailbox for many reasons. Here are some actions you should do to find out the reason.


Check if your email address is correct.

If since joining our service your e-mail box provider has changed, it may happen that our emails were sent to the old address. If you are a new user, your e-mail address might have been entered incorrectly.

Here’s how you can check it:

  • Go to “Your Profile”.
  • Check your e-mail address. Make sure the address is correct.
  • If it is incorrect, enter the correct address, and click “Save”.

Search all messages in the mailbox.

Emails are easy to overlook. Use the search option of your e-mail operator to find a given message. Search terms like “inonecar”, “reservation”, “verification” or other words associated with the searched message.


Check the spam folder and the other filtered.

It may be that your operator has mistakenly sent our messages to the spam folder or trash. To avoid this:

Delete messages inonecar from the spam list. Add addresses: automated@inonecar.com, express@inonecar.com and response@inonecar.com to your personal address book.

If you have enabled filters or assignments in your mailbox mails from inOneCar may have been incorrectly sorted, so do not forget to check these settings.

Contact us if you have a problem. We will check it for you.

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