When will I receive a suggestion?

Our innovative algorythm searches the site every few minutes to find rideshahers. If during few minutes since adding/editing your ride you do not receive a suggestion in means that for the time being there are no ridesharers matching your preferences. No worries! Our matching mechanism is working non-stop. If any […]

What are the suggestions?

Each user who added rides can receive suggestions of ridesharers. These are potential ridesharers (drivers or passengers) riding your way in similar hours. If you are a driver or a passenger you will receive suggestions of passengers and drivers. You decide whether you want to drive a car or be […]

How to add rides to / from work?

To add rides to / from work, click “Add daily rides” Fill in the required fields: home address – enter the exact address of departure including street number and city company’s address – enter the exact address of the company or select the appropriate choice from the list. working hours -when […]

How to buy credits?

Go to “Sidebar menu”. Choose “Payments”. Then click “Buy credit”. Select the amount, and click “Credit”. You will be taken to safe electronic payments’ site tpay.com to finish the transaction. The minimum deposit amount is 10pln. Choose payment method: 1. Blik 2. Transfer The time of transfer depends on the […]