How do I withdraw money from my account?

Here’s how you can do it: Go to “Profile”. Choose “Payments”. Bank account is necessary so that we can withdraw funds saved on ridesharing. Please make sure that you entered the correct bank account number. Then click “Withdraw” Choose the amount of money and click “Withdraw”. Withdrawals can be made […]

Jak mogę skontaktować się z współpasażerem?

Jeśli chcesz się skontaktować ze swoim współpasażerem możesz to zrobić na dwa sposoby: Komunikator Na liście Twoich współpasażerów wybierz osobę, z którą chcesz się skontaktować, wpisz treść wiadomości i kliknij “Wyślij”. Komunikator jest darmowym narzędziem, dzięki niemu szybko i łatwo możesz kontaktować się z współpasażerami i informować o wielu sprawach. […]

Will inOneCar connect all employees?

The platform connects employees of your company. Therefore we help you to create a custom and friendly solution for your employees and keep it running smoothly. If this is not possible, we offer employees of other companies in the area. We want to ensure that each user receives suggestions of […]

Carpooling and liability insurance?

Carpoling they share with their passengers the costs of travel, does not affect the validity of the compulsory insurance of civil liability – regardless of the insurance company, which purchased liability insurance policy. Contact us for more detailed information related to the insurance of civil liability in the context of […]

Carpooling and taxes?

The principle of common passages contained in our Rules is to share the costs of travel by the driver during a scheduled trip by themselves. The purpose of this trip is not therefore take passengers, but other private or professional purpose of the driver. This means that the driver takes […]

Is carpooling legal?

In the light of Polish law travelling with other people in one car and sharing the costs of the journey with them is legal. The main principle of carpooling contained in our Rules is to share the costs of travel by the driver during a scheduled trip by themselves. This […]

Does inOneCar care about data security?

Security and data protection of your employees is very important to us. inOneCar does not store any payment information. Our system and infrastructure are handled safely. Among InOneCar’s partners are financial institutions, including banks, where the requirements of safety determine the highest standards. Contact us if you have any problem.