I don’t receive notifications by e-mail

Our e-mail may not reach you mailbox for many reasons. Here are some actions you should do to find out the reason.   Check if your email address is correct. If since joining our service your e-mail box provider has changed, it may happen that our emails were sent to […]

What is inOnecar?

InOneCar is a service and an mobile application that helps you to find ridesharers from your neighborhood or company for carpooling to / from work, and save even up to 50-100% of your commuting costs.

How to set language version of my account?

Language settings can be changed in two ways: Click “Select Language” button in the footer of the main page. Go to “Your Profile”. Select “Preferences” from the side menu. Choose your language from the list and click “Save”. To change the language on the mobile application you need to change […]

How to change password?

To change your password, follow these steps: From the sidebar menu, select Profile > Change password. Enter your current password. Enter your new password and confirm it. Your new password must contain at least 6 characters. Click OK. Contact us 

How can I delete my account?

Request to delete your account via sending an e-mail to contact@inonecar.com from the e-mail address for which you wish to delete your account. The Administrator will fulfill your request after receiving your mail.   Contact us if you have a problem. We will check it for you.  

What kind of photo should I publish in my profile?

  Acceptable graphic formats of images are: jpg, jpeg, gif, png. The maximum image size is 4096 KB. (If a file weighs more, you should reduce the size of your photos using the appropriate programs or by visiting: http://reduction-image.com/resizer-online   Our Administrator must accept your photo before its publication. The […]

Why should I publish my profile picture?

It takes only a moment, but greatly increases your chances of finding ridesharers. According to our statistics, people who have published profile photos, are contacted 3 times more often then other users.   Contact us if you have a problem. We will check it for you.