How to publish a photo?

Go to the “Your Profile“. Select “Your photo” from the side menu. You can add an image in jpg, gif, png  format (maximum size: 4096 KB) by clicking “From the computer” and select the file or click “With Facebook” to use your profile picture from Facebook.   Contact us if […]

Published photo is not visible

If your published photo is not visible on your profiIe, it may mean that the picture:   It has not been verified yet by the Administrator. It takes up to 48 hours. It has not been  accepted by the Administrator. We will send you a message with the explanation and […]

When can my ride be deleted?

inOneCar very rarely deletes users’ rides. This occurs only in exceptional situations, such as breaking Rules and Regulations or laws, and reporting violations of the Rules and Regulations by other users. Before adding rides, make sure it is compatible with the applicable rules. If your ride is removed or deleted, […]

My request for a reservation has been accepted

Your request for a reservation has been accepted by the other user. This means that your shared ride will take place. Congratulations! Confirmation of this can be seen in “Your rides”. Probably you have also received from us an e-mail and text message with a summary of the reservation. Phone […]

Is the payment secure?

Payments are secure! Payments to the inOneCar account are made using the Tpay system. Tpay is a well-known and reputable online payment system that uses advanced security technologies, such as data encryption and two-step authorization, to ensure transaction security. Their platform also provides fraud protection and customer support in case […]

How automatic payments works?

A ridesharing e-wallet is a digital account that allows users to store cash and make payments for rides offered through the service. This allows for convenient and safe settlements between drivers and passengers without the need to use cash. 1. The system automatically charges finished shared-rides, transferring money between driver’s […]

How is the price fixed for the ride?

Our technology calculates the price based on your travel costs (fuel, consumption, etc.) and the distance you travel. The price for a ride cannot be modified by the driver. Fixed prices ensures that the charge of passenger covers the corresponding part of the travelling costs incurred by the driver and […]

How to make a reservation?

Both driver and passenger can send a reservation request to another user. Choose from the list of suggested ridesharers the person you would like to ride with and send him or her a reservation request. Click “Go to reservation” to make sure about the rides’s details and eventually send a […]